What are the benefits of choosing mediation over litigation in a divorce?

When most of us think of divorce, we think of custody battles, endless legal filings, and costly court proceedings. The whole process of divorce can seem more daunting, and perhaps even more painful, than the emotional aspects of a marriage’s dissolution. But what if there was another way? Another, more peaceful and cost effective way. […]

What is mediation and is it right for you?

Each year, thousands of couples get divorced. Many of these cases end up in court, where a complete stranger decides how assets will be divided and where the children will live. But each year, thousands of cases settle out of court. By avoiding trial, couples are able to keep attorney fees low, reduce conflict, and […]

Highly Recommend As Your Family Law Attorney

I have worked with Attorney Peri Kutchin to address challenges that I was facing during the early stages of my divorce. She has helped me to better control my initial emotions and has worked with me to draft constructive notices. Attorney Kutchin has a deep experience in the area of family law and has been […]

Why should I choose Divorce Mediation?

A professional mediator is a neutral facilitator often chosen by divorcing couples who wish to maintain an amicable relationship with each other. The mediator is completely impartial and has no personal, professional, or financial connections with the parties, their counsel, or the issue that needs to be resolved. Mediation can significantly minimize the cost and […]

Is it true that courts favor mothers in custody decisions?

While it remains a common belief that courts favor, or are even biased for, mothers in custody disputes, this is not the case. The belief stems from past practices and trends in court. When divorce became more common in the 1970s, society, including the judges within it, assumed a gendered division of labor within households. […]

Professional and Sympathetic

She reviews my separation agreement carefully and was able successfully file and litigate complaint for contempt. She also successfully dismissed request for modification form my ex. by family law client

Massachusetts Law: Divorce, Custody, and Child Protection

Massachusetts General Law (MGL) 208 covers divorce. This chapter of the laws of the Commonwealth describe everything from the definition of divorce to alimony, child support, and custody issues. Section 31A pertains to visitation and custody in the best interest of a child and covers abuse of parent or child. The best interest of the […]