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A contested or uncontested divorce requires the knowledge and skill of an experienced divorce attorney. Understand your options and choose the best course for you.

Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation is an alternative available to divorcing couples. There are significant benefits when choosing mediation over litigation. Learn if mediation is right for you.

Family Law

We handle all family law related matters such as child custody, spousal support, parenting plans, and more. Contact us to speak with an experienced family law attorney.

Effective and compassionate legal representation you need to move forward with your life. With the right advice, your future may be brighter than you think.

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Kutchin Law Group, LLC was founded on the basic principle of helping families. Divorce and family law issues can be overwhelming and complex and without the help of an experienced, hands-on-lawyer, your family law issues could drag on much longer than needed, racking up unnecessary legal fees and court costs.

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"I am committed to each and every client. I will fight for your rights and support you through the entire legal process."

- Attorney Peri Kutchin


The divorce process can be financially and emotionally challenging. Having an experienced and supportive family law attorney at your side, listening to your concerns and fighting for your best interests, will make the difference as you prepare for the next chapter in your life.

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A Pleasure To Work With

Peri Kutchin is truly a pleasure to work with. She is very smart and extremely thorough and helped me through a difficult time with kindness and ease. I highly recommend Attorney Kutchin as your family law attorney.



Highly Recommended

I have worked with Attorney Peri Kutchin to address challenges that I was facing during the early stages of my divorce. She has helped me to better control my initial emotions and has worked with me to draft constructive notices. Attorney Kutchin has a deep experience in the area of family law and has been able to share potential outcomes and varying approaches to the issues at hand. In some cases after our discussions, we have determined that no response is the best response. I am thankful to have someone to talk through my concerns and to ensure that I take the appropriate course of action. I highly recommend Attorney Kutchin as your family law attorney.


Divorce client

Superb professionalism. Amazing guidance and care.

From my first meeting to my latest follow up conversation, Peri demonstrates a consistent commitment to prompt communication, personal care, and a high level of professionalism and efficiency in all matters. I recently went through a divorce process that turned out to be much messier than anticipated. Peri maintained poise, pragmatic strategy, and exceptional professionalism in the face of a set of unfortunate counter-counsel unprofessional, uncooperative behaviors. At each step of the journey, Peri carefully considered the terms of the divorce, provided sound judgment, and maintained a good sense of care and investment in my own life and future. I certainly will continue working with Peri and highly recommend her for family law matters. I am deeply thankful for her care and hard work.


Outstanding, professional and highly recommended

Peri from day one helped in all aspects of my divorce. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She showed me that the divorce process is not as painful as some people make it out to be. Peri truly worked for me and looked out for my interests and mine alone knowing that the children where my number one priority. She showed great patience and bent over backwards to make all meetings convenient for me and worked around my schedule whenever possible. She would stay late in her office to accommodate my travel schedule or drive to Haverhill to meet myself and my x-wife's lawyer. She was a pleasure to work with in a difficult time in my life.



Peri took my case without much notice. She worked hard and quickly to get up to speed and redo resented me with professional empathy. I would recommend her to anyone, any time.


Excellent Divorce Attorney

Peri is a spectacular attorney who stepped in and handled everything for me. She was extremely knowledgeable and explained all of the steps along the way. Once I hired Peri I stopped worrying about the complicated world of what I was going through. She gave me peace during a very stressful time in my life. Peri was professional and sympathetic at the same time and I highly recommend her.


All the way from San Francisco CA

I never got the pleasure to meet Peri personally, but i needed help for a paternity issue in Boston. I live in California. Peri helped me through the process and kept me informed of the progress and what was going on with the case. My case was resolve and not once did I have to travel to Boston. 100% professionalism. I will definitely recommend her.


Top divorce attorney

Peri represented me in my recent divorce. She was always available--via phone or to meet in person. She is kind--approachable--well versed in divorce proceedings. She truly understood the stress and anxiety surrounding the divorce. I felt very comfortable with Peri from the beginning---The divorce was finalized 6 mos from filing--I would highly recommend Peri and her partner Allison.


Top-notch divorce mediation services

I recently worked with Peri Kutchin where she mediated my divorce. Peri’s professional demeanor created a calm and peaceful atmosphere and set my mind at ease so I could be at my best to handle the processing of my divorce. She possess excellent interpersonal skills and knowledge of the law. She was key in the successful completion of my divorce. I would highly recommend Peri for mediation services based on my experience with her professionally.


Fair and Reliable

Peri worked with me and my ex-wife to mediate a fee final details of our separation agreement. We met with her 3 times and resolved everything. She was responsive, informative and trustworthy. Reasonable rates as well. Very professional.


Family Law Information & Divorce Resources

Legal Articles

What are the benefits of choosing mediation over litigation in a divorce?

When most of us think of divorce, we think of custody battles, endless legal filings, and costly court proceedings. The whole process of divorce can seem more daunting, and perhaps even more painful, than the emotional aspects of a marriage’s dissolution. But what if there was another way? Another, more peaceful and cost effective way. […]

What is mediation and is it right for you?

Each year, thousands of couples get divorced. Many of these cases end up in court, where a complete stranger decides how assets will be divided and where the children will live. But each year, thousands of cases settle out of court. By avoiding trial, couples are able to keep attorney fees low, reduce conflict, and […]

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Massachusetts Divorce Forms

  • Parenting Education Programs: Divorcing parents of  minor children are required to register and attend a Massachusetts approved parent education program.

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